Uncorked Wellness Business Opportunity

Uncorked is an exciting new business opportunity that is currently in its early pre-launch phase until this summer

You can watch the 12 minute video by clicking the play button over the image to the right.

In the video, learn about the Uncorked Wellness products and see what is truly unique about the new business opportunity that Uncorked has to offer. Learn how our team can help you earn an additional stream of income.

This is NOT the official Uncorked Wellness website, I am an independent distributor.

Uncorked Wellness Products

The featured product during the pre-launch is the Uncorked Health + Energy. It comes in a small packet in powder form, and you mix it in water. It is a great 5-7 hour energy drink and a healthy alternativer to some of the other energy drinks out there. It is a great hangover cure!

Uncorked Wellness also offers Uncorked Detox, which cleans the colon, call bladder, and liver. Uncorked Enerlean is another product that boosts metabolism and helps suppress appetite.

Our Uncorked Timeline

4/12 - Our friend and customer Charlie contacted me about Uncorked
4/19 - We joined a week later not really expecting to do much
4/23 - Did nothing for the first 3 days, we had 11 people already in our powerline
4/24 - Started calling a few people and telling them about Uncorked
4/28 - Our first 3 direct referrals joined.
5/1 - Powerline has grown to over 25 people.
5/10 - Spent one week calling and talking to a lot of people
5/14 - Personal downline grows to 19, 49 in my powerline.
5/15 - I attend the US Racquetball National event in Fullerton, CA and tell players about it there and pass out samples, had great response.
5/22 - Followup with everyone from nationals, personal dowline has grown to 36 with 103 in my powerline!
6/3 - Finished creating our new Why Uncorked Video. Powerline has grown to 134!

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